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Present Aid Organization

Present Aid gifts represent a donation to Christian Aid. Christian Aid is a development charity working in around 50 countries. Regardless of religion or race, we help people around the world improve their own lives and tackle the causes of poverty and injustice.

Long-term development: we provide clean water, food, healthcare, and education, and help people find ways to earn a living.

Responding to emergencies: we help people prepare for and respond to disasters and emergencies of every description. 

Campaigning against the root causes of poverty and injustice: From apartheid to landmines, from trade and debt to climate change – we campaign for lasting change.

About Us

Not all fingers are equal. Using this body anatomy, not everyone is privileged to access most of the things all the time.

Charity organizations and non-profit organizations come in handy to fill this gap. At Present Aid, we are a charity organization offering gifts and presents to the deserving communities.

Although people look at the charity to people with fewer privileges, we are here to demystify this myth.

If you want to show a sign of appreciation, a gift speaks volumes. We are a link between those with and those without.

Giving Gifts Through Online

You don’t have to be physically present to bless someone with your gift. Let us know your location, and we will be glad to show you how the goods will reach us.

Once you opt for an online gift system, then the physical goods are not involved in the equation.

It has several advantages

  • It’s cheap and affordable
  • No shipping costs
  • The receiver has control of the choice of gift
  • Helps in ways management and administration
  • Ideal during this coronavirus pandemic times

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