Present Aid Statement


Our Mission and Vision

Our mission

We are here to act as the post office between the giver and receiver. If you have no idea where you can dispose of your stuff, you want it to benefit someone and then talk to us.

We tend to reduce the gap between the rich and the poor to have an equitable distribution of resources.

Our vision

It’s our joy to see things reach the desired audience through our elaborate communication and transport system.

Here are some few ways you can send gifts online

You may not be physically present to occasion some of the functions. However, sending money to the recipient is not creative.

Therefore you need other means of gifting someone with cash but more creatively and innovatively.

Here are a few options

  1. Prepaid visa gift cards

When you have no idea what someone needs for a gift, it’s essential to let them choose based on the amount of cash you give them.

Your work is to load a visa card with a customized message. Once you deposit cash in it, could you send it to them using the email address?

It’s immediate. The downside of this is that you can only use it in specific stores or merchant services.

You also have to be sure if the service is available within the recipient’s locality.

  1. Amazon gift card

Now that we are going digital in our functions, then talk to Amazon and get a gift card loaded with cash.

Whatever the choice of gift, if its fashion lover or a bookworm, Amazon has you sorted.

The advantage is that you can liaise with them to have a set delivery to give the gifting session a personal touch.

That’s our mandate too.

  1. Use online payment platforms.

The moment you choose to send gifts online, it means physical presence is next to impossible.

Now that you want to show love, then why not send money and let them purchase a gift of choice?

Once you choose to send money through the online platforms, consider the following

  • The safety of the cash
  • Availability of service in the recipient’s locality
  • Hidden charges that may affect the cash received
  • The time taken to have the cash at hand

With these considerations, PayPal takes the lead as the leading online platform service that is verifiable and reliable.

  1. Gift vouchers

Most stores have an online payment system; if you have already identified the gift, you can purchase from your end and send the gift voucher for the recipient to pick.

You can also put it in monetary form for the receiver to have a choice of the gift.

However, ensure the store is within reach of the intended receiver to avoid inconveniences or money loss.